Monday, May 16, 2011

Afternoon Tickler

GONE TOO SOON. 24-year old Olympic gold medalist Sammy Wanjiru died of internal injuries in his home country Kenya after jumping to his death from the balcony of his apartment in an attempt to escape from his angry wife who caught him in bed with another woman. 

You think I'm tasty? Huh?
TOP CHEF CANADA'S horse hors d'oeuvres sparks controversy in Canada and the US. Ask me what's the big fuss?
I'm a natural omnivore living with carnivores and although I have neither tasted nor feasted on horse meat before, I'm willing to give it a try. Detractors of the upcoming episode (which is tonight!) are weary of the horse meat's source and manner of procurement. They say, the system used to slaughter the horses was designed for cows and not for our equine friends. Did I just say I want to have a taste of our "friends"? 
The high-protein and low-fat horse meat is still consumed in many parts of the world including Italy, Japan, the Philippines, and Brazil. Taboo? I guess only in North America. What about other meats? Camel meat is eaten in the Middle East and Egypt. Norwegians and the Japanese people eat whale meat. Inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa feast on monkeys.

The more important issues here are: 

1.) Was the meat ethically sourced? Humane way of animal slaughter? (This always makes me confused because how in the world we put the words "humane" and "slaughter" next to each other?)   
2.) Is the animal included in the endangered species list or the protected animal list?
I'm going to eat you first!!! 
They have a different kind of water in the land Down Under. It makes people do "planking"! 

Hard Lessons, Slow Learning

Was it a mistake to go on national television and proudly tell the American public that you've injected your eight-year old daughter with the toxin Botox in preparation for a beauty pageant and just because she complained of facial wrinkles? Oh, YES! But the biggest mistake of all is to subject your child to a Botox injection!

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