About Peoplethology

Peo•ple•thol•o•gy |ˈpēpəl thoˈθäləjē|
noun ( pl. -gies)
a published collection of human interest stories or other pieces of writing.
• a similar collection of human life studies issued or compiled in one publication.

peoplethologist |-jist| noun

Diva extraordinaire. Hero. Heroine. Superhero. Hero's Hero. Role Model. Supermodel. Clown. Class Clown. Teacher. Mentor. Survivor. Fighter. Thinker. Philosopher. Rambler. Beauty Queen. The Beautiful. The Bold & Beautiful. YOU. YES, YOU! Artist. Artist's Artist. Muse. Inspiration. The Inspired. Pioneer. The Original. Trailblazer. Your neighborhood convenience store owner. Favorite Barista.