Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Racist" Dove Ad: Intentional or Mistake?

Take a quick look and ask yourself if this ad is really racist. 

I DON'T. The message is clear to me. However, when I asked some friends they said it's racist. But after careful thought and repeated examination, they finally got the message. 

This Dove Ad has sparked controversy because of its utterly BAD and seemingly "intentional" layout. Who in their right mind would give a green light to this copy? Yes, I'm asking the ad company that put this out. I am dubious of the intention and strategy of the ad's creators and designers because I am pretty damn sure that they know with the way they put the ladies together and the text and graphics in the background they'll be confusing a lot minds and eyes therefore increasing publicity mileage. 

But then again, the ad is for Dove, a company that espouses beauty in diversity and the importance of inner beauty. Dove has a solid credibility and an impressive track record with its social/corporate responsibility endeavors. 

What do you think?