Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Kiss

When is young too young for your first kiss? Elliott just scored his first kiss courtesy of a cute friend, Bowie. Elliot's Mom, who was filming it, was so enthralled by his reaction so she posted the video on YouTube.

This reminds me of the playground and school poem kids use to taunt and embarrass each other. Only this time, Elliott and Bowie's first kiss gives a somewhat joyous feeling in pure boyish/girlish spirit and a true high-five moment for the boy.

Elliott and Bowie sitting in a tree:
K - I - S - S - I - N - G
First comes love,
then comes HIGH FIVE,
then comes FUNNEL CAKES and KOOL AIDS! 
(I tweaked the words a bit!)

What do you think?

Deadliest Catch - 728x90

Morning Juice

Everybody loves bacon. To inspire you, stare at this and indulge yourself with high art Van Gogh bacon masterpiece:
I like the Monalisa in bacon too! Or, the Sistine Chapel bacon ceiling. 
A BOY IN THE UK is protesting his school's recent policy to prohibit all male students from wearing shorts to school with the exception of the girls. Wise that he is, 12-year old Chris Whitehead found a loophole in his school's policy regarding uniforms and decided to protest the "discrimination" by coming to school wearing a skirt. Mind you, this wunderkind has the full support of his parents and his schoolmates and friends are not minding it at all. 

USUALLY, movies and TV shows tackle stories ripped and reaped from the headlines. Sometimes, it's the other way around. Real life stories taking a cue from popular movies. I know the premise of Macaulay Culkin's "Home Alone" and its sequels sounds absurd and highly unlikely. But then again, it really could happen. And it did. The real life story however was not a comedy and extremely not inspiring. It was Christmas of 1992 when 9-year-old Nicole Schoo and her younger sister, 4-year old Diana were left in their house for nine days including Christmas day by their parents who went on a winter getaway vacation to Mexico without them. They were given strict orders not to eat more than two frozen dinners each for each day and not to answer phone call. You want to know what happened, READ ABOUT THIS...      

POPE BENEDICT is a one-of-a-kind pope. He only wears custom designed red moccasin shoes. He is reported to have some quirks and demands when traveling especially when traveling on a plane. But this picture tops it all and says it all:

La Dolce Vita.

Parental Guidance (Pun intended!): Parents in Need of Guidance

Parenting is tight balancing.

Ultra-comfort cushion.

Extra baggage, anyone?
Diapers, anyone?