Friday, May 20, 2011

Think Differently

Tale of Twin Cities

IT IS FASCINATING to know how people love and know their home city. Locals know the best places to go to. Some people have lived there long enough to know what the locals know but short enough to be called a local. Some people are passing by,  smitten, charmed, and enchanted by a city but don't see themselves living in it. 

New York is frenetic and bursting with energy night and day. Toronto is the tamed and POLITE New York. London is sophisticated and expensive. Bangkok is crazy beautiful and addicting. Manila is jam packed and confused in identity--but I still love it. Shanghai is a theme park. Tokyo is steep in culture, timid, and crowded. New Delhi is a constant assault to my senses (in a very beautiful way!) and sanity--I love it too. Berlin is too "cold" and high-strung (but it changed me as a person!). I could go on and on about tales of cities but one thing is sure: there's no place that I don't like because each is unique and requires an individualized understanding and love. 

How much do you love your city? Or, how well do you know your city? 

Watch this video and let the residents of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis tell you what they think and feel about their cities: