My Mother/Father Said...

Simply put, this is a shared collection of Imparted Wisdom. This is about the tidbits of wisdom, philosophy, funny way of saying or explaining things, or truisms your mother and/or father imparted to you throughout the years.

July 3, 2011 - Sunday VIA
"My father said always put my best in everything I do. Mother said put everything in only the best." - Stephanie C., West Hollywood, Los Angeles,CA
June 29, 2011 - Wednesday VIA
"My mother said I can never give to others what I don't have. That's why I steal other kids' lunch money, kidding! That's why I make sure that I'm happy before I can spread laughters." - John MacDonald, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
June 24, 2011 - Friday VIA Facebook
"Mum said never treat my children as my friends. They're not my chums but my children and I'm their parent." - Jonie, Surrey, UK
June 18, 2011 - Saturday VIA Gmail
"My Dad said never forget to say 'thank you' to anyone who've been kind to you. It keeps the door open for more blessings." - Gemma S., Sydney, Land Down Under
June 13, 2011 - Monday VIA email
"My mama said don't sleep when your hair is not yet fully dry after a night's refreshing shower because you'll go blind. My papa said that there's no medical or scientific truth to that. He's a medical doctor and the only bad thing that will (happen) is your pillow getting wet. Well said."  - Jenny, Manila, Phils.
June 12, 2011 - Sunday VIA email
"My mother said if you're really passionate for a cause fight for it and never be afraid to lend your name for the fight." - Lisa Edo, London, UK
June 8, 2011 - Wednesday VIA Facebook
"My mother said always make up your bed in the morning and before you start your day. It sets the tone of the day that you are ready to accomplish things." - Kim, New York City, USA 
June 6, 2011 - Monday VIA email
"When I was a kid, I was really scared of thunderstorms and lightnings. One night, I locked myself inside the walk-in closet of my Mom because the thunderstorm wouldn't let up. My Mom stayed with me inside her enormous closet for a few minutes and told me she'll tell me a story if I sit by the bed.  My mother said that thunderstorms happen every time the gods play a game of bowling. I believed her and from then on, my pre-pubescent imagination took over and fear was vanished to the unknown lands.  
I come from a very conservative big Greek family in Florida.  I want to share the story to my child but my wife won't let me." - Philip Kousakis,  MD. 

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