Sunday, May 29, 2011

Person of the Week

My Dearest Oprah,
You’re the first Person of the Week because it’s the first time I’m doing it and because you're really the Queen of Daytime Talk. I'm wondering how come your queenship is limited to Daytime Talk? Oh, I guess people don’t want a chatter bug like you to tuck them to bed. But I still love the episode when you and Maya Angelou are in bed and in your pajamas. You know what I mean. How can I forget that thunderous and almost Greek god-like voice of Maya Angelou talking beside you in the same bed. I know you’re not a lesbian. I know. And I think it’s a big loss to the lesbian community (I’m not saying the whole LGBT community, okay.) for not having you. But anyway, that bed scene is classy. 
I watched so many of your shows throughout the years but I’m not what you can call a big fan or an “ultimate viewer” as you always say. I was there watching your very last episode and cried a bit when you walked off the stage and officially signed off. Oh, I love your dog Sadie’s reaction when she saw you. It was like “Is it the end now? Are we done with the final episode? How come no one woke me up? I was waiting for my cue.” Then you picked her up and the camera captured her puzzled look. Sadie’s face conveyed deep regret for having slept through the whole duration of the shoot of your final episode. Poor Sadie! But well, isn’t that what dogs do all day. 

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