Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Morning Juice: Wednesday Smiles

BEFORE you read on, watch this video first. Put your speakers on HIGH, sit back, and embrace positivity. Smile.

Okay, don't let that smile fade out yet.

OLD AND WISE. Brazilian great-great-grandmother, Maria Gomes Valentim is now officially the world's oldest and coolest living person.

LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. Way too many people are misusing and/or abusing the word "literally."  Speaking of literally, take a look at this:

Light beer, anyone?

Or, how about this:

Keep your eye on the ball!

For more "literally" pictures, visit

ANTHEMS. Philipp Sheppard of the UK has just recorded 200 national anthems for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The guy clearly deserves a gold medal. Did you know that in Thailand, they play their national anthem in honor of their King before a movie starts playing in the movie house? If you don't stand, prison is your next destination. 

Oh HANG ON, why did you lose the smile. Here's something to bring it back. I know coffee is not everyone's cup of tea but still, this video will surely bring back the smile that would last till you start dreaming in your sleep tonight.