Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Afternoon Tickler

AFTERNOON Booze is now replaced by Afternoon Tickler. Someone made a convincing point regarding booze in the afternoon. Thanks.

Moving on...

MR. & MRS. SMITH: Uninspired Choice. Oprah's final guests are finally revealed. I am not a big Oprah fan. I follow her book club. Since it's already down to the last 10 episodes or so, the Oprah Show producers revealed that Mr. and Mrs Smith will be their final guests. Really? Of course, it's her show and she will end it the way she wants it to end. But I was thinking how about getting OJ Simpson to confess or why not invite the newlywed royals or perhaps invite the other Mr. and Mrs. Smith instead and their United Colors of Benetton poster kids. It's a sure dud.    
Best friends forever. Photograph: Jon Kent/SWNS.com/SWNS.com
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. Alison Slavin and Sam Davies have been the best of friends  for almost  20 years  now. Funnily, the two often joked in the past that they are sisters and as it turns out, they really are. 

SAY NO TO BULLYING. Say goodbye to Facebook bullies. France's Ministry of Education has stepped up its campaign against bullying in schools. The Ministry in partnership with Facebook announced that it will shutdown a pupil's Facebook account if proven that it was used to bully someone.  

I CAN'T WAIT TILL I GROW UP. Watch this PSA from across the pond and be riveted by its message. WARNING: THIS IS HIGHLY GRAPHIC IN NATURE. Shock value in FULL MODE.

BEWITCHED. BOTHERED. BEWILDERED. Finally, watch this video of spontaneous singing strangers promoting British theater.  

The History Channel presents Life After People on DVD

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