Thursday, May 19, 2011

Afternoon Tickler

PLANKING PRANK PROBLEM. On last Monday's Afternoon Tickler, I posted a video from an Australian news broadcast about the "planking" craze that has swept the Land Down Under. Now, Australian authorities are cautioning people especially teenagers to be careful and not to attempt crazy stunts that might harm or put them in great danger.

Legendary boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard has revealed that he was sexually molested by a coach in 1976. This guy is nothing short of remarkable and to have the courage to speak out about his dark past makes him the true man of the ring.

TERRIBLE JOKES.  In serious talk, Nazi and Hitler topics are almost always cautioned to the side of sensitivity and respect. I say "almost always" because when talking about Hitler, let's say within the walls of the academe or in the scholarly context, political and social scientists agree that Hitler was a "great" leader in respect to his political acumen. Hitler too was pure evil and the epitome of a misguided fool. 
That said, when Danish director Lars von Trier said that "I am a Nazi," while in jest and deadpan attitude, during the recent Cannes Film Festival press conference for his new film "Melancholia" starring Kirsten Dunst, people were abuzz and the incident resulted in Festival organizers declaring him persona non grata. Clearly, he didn't mean it and the language barrier (he delivered it in German) added to the confusion. More importantly, let's just stay away from making jokes about such serious matters that killed more than 6 million people and changed the course of world history.  

For a parting afternoon tickle, here's a photo of what seems to be a very direct advertising:

Note: This photo actually reminds me of someone whom I asked if he washed his hands after taking a leak in the washroom, his reply was: "I didn't pee on my hands!" Enough said.

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