Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Kiss

When is young too young for your first kiss? Elliott just scored his first kiss courtesy of a cute friend, Bowie. Elliot's Mom, who was filming it, was so enthralled by his reaction so she posted the video on YouTube.

This reminds me of the playground and school poem kids use to taunt and embarrass each other. Only this time, Elliott and Bowie's first kiss gives a somewhat joyous feeling in pure boyish/girlish spirit and a true high-five moment for the boy.

Elliott and Bowie sitting in a tree:
K - I - S - S - I - N - G
First comes love,
then comes HIGH FIVE,
then comes FUNNEL CAKES and KOOL AIDS! 
(I tweaked the words a bit!)

What do you think?

Deadliest Catch - 728x90

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