Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Tidbits: News & Stories of the Past Week

Before you proceed, let your mind do a little workout first. 

The Not-So-Good-News-But-Still-News News

DID YOU KNOW that there are more taste buds in your eyeballs than in your tongue? Just kidding. Okay no more bluffing and onto a more serious issue: Food Wastage. Alexandra Silver of Time Magazine's Online Newsfeed writes that all-you-can-eat buffets (I was just there last weekend!) and buy-one-get-one-free deals are only two of the primary factors that contribute to the alarming 1.3 billion metric tons of food in the world that is lost (on the production side of the food supply chain) or wasted (on the consumption side) annually.

IN MY OPINION, an airplane with passengers on board while in transit and up in the air is considered a nation in itself with own strict rules, social and group dynamics, and units. That's why, peace and order and of course safety of all are always ensured, enforced, and followed. This past week alone, there have been several mid-air disturbances that went on the news. Blame it on booze, a male Virgin Atlantic flight passenger allegedly made sexual advances toward his female seatmate that resulted in a major scuffle and property damages worth at about $40,000.  On more mid-air chaos, a Delta Airlines passenger wanted to have an early exit when this person attempted to open the plane's emergency door alarming everyone on board. How about excess baggage? Southwest Airlines, the leading airline company when it comes to customer service according to a recent survey, has landed in hot water when it refused to fly a mother and daughter because they are just "too fat to fly."   

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian UK / Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images


DO YOU THINK farting inside the school bus warrants school suspension? I guess if it's really that bad.  

YESTERDAY, Oprah featured the inspiring story of George Dawson as she recapped the best stories she tackled during the last 25 years. Dawson, a grandson of African slaves in Texas, learned to read, write, and even went on to study for his GED at age 103. Also in Texas, Burlyce Sherrell Logan, 73, will graduate today (Saturday) at the University of North Texas and receive her college degree.
Graduation day today for 73-year old Burlyce Sherrell Logan.
COURTESY OF Matt Nager for the New York Times.
HOW TO SAVE A LIFE. This poignant but inspiring story of a real-life Bondi Beach lifesaver in Australia and his inability to save his own brother and sister who both committed suicide a year apart from each other.
Photo: Photo by Danielle Smith COURTESY OF The Sydney Morning Herald 
Matt Dee (C) with Jonathan and sister Rachel.
COURTESY OF The Sydney Morning Herald

Here's a clip of Matt Dee from the TV Show Bondi Rescue: 


The 2011 Cannes Film Festival is only on its fourth day today and most of the much-awaited movies are yet to be screened and presented. has an interesting coverage of the Festival and a long set of trailers and clips of the movies in and out of competition. My picks are: Academy award-winner Terrence Malick's "Tree of Life" starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn; Gus van Sant's "Restless"; Lars von Trier's eccentric "Melancholia"; and Almdomovar's intriguing "La Piel Que Habito" or "The Skin I Live In" starring the dark and twisty Antonio Banderas. 

This movie clip claims that after World War II, the Nazis recouped, left the Earth, and set up camp on the Dark Side of the Moon. And now, apparently, the evil Hitler is saying "I come in pieces!" Or, was that "peace"?   

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