Monday, May 30, 2011

World's Funniest & Most Adorable Airline Safety Videos & Demos

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Funny and creative:

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Sleep won't be a problem anymore inboard 
Thomson Airways, the UK-based world's largest charter airlines, because they guaranty you'll sleep like a baby.

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This Air New Zealand safety video titled "Crazy About Rugby" is for the rugged and fearless. interestingly, this video caused a stir in New Zealand and internationally when LGBT groups complained because of the seemingly homophobic part when the male flight attendant asked for a kiss and the guy gestured no. I don't think there's anything wrong with that part regardless if it was shown in comedic fashion. That said, the airline company removed and re-edited the part. READ HERE...  

Air New Zealand safety video no. 2 is the disco-inspired pre-flight demo with fitness guru Richard Simmons.

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The most controversial and most preferred Air New Zealand safety video titled "Bare Essentials of Safety."

History Channel DVD Pre-Orders

This adorable Pegasus Airlines safety demo from the Turkish low-cost carrier is for the child at heart. Full horse power with wings. 

Charming and funny, this new Philippine Airlines (PAL) pre-flight safety video is a great departure from the old one and completely done in high taste.

History Channel Presidential Collection
Of course, I saved the best for last. This video is from Vendo Airlines launched on the 1st of April 2008. They only fly during April Fool's Day, so better catch it next time. 

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