Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dutch Prank Tattoo Job: Ridiculously Beautiful

Too good to be true. The amazing viral video of a Dutch woman getting inked by a Dutch tattoo artist with the colored profile pictures of her 152 Facebook friends in a one-time 30-hour long session turned out, as I predicted, to be a creative promotion for Rotterdam tattoo artist Dex Moelker and his company. 
The inked multicolored artwork on the woman's right arm is really snazzy and visually appealing. Getting a tattoo of your 152 Facebook friends is not a bad idea at all. 
Via CNN:
Moelker just came clean to the Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf, saying it was in fact a publicity stunt. The woman in the video didn't have the tattoo inked during a 30-hour period as the video claimed. 
"It is a try out tattoo, a transfer, that washes off in a couple of days," he (Moelker) told them. 
READ the whole story here...
Maybe, someone should have a tattoo of his or her school besfriends' yearbook photos in time for the homecoming reunion either in black and white or sepia. What about vintage Playboy covers? Or, Time Magazine Person of the Year covers?      

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