Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspire Me

Maybe you've heard of the adage "It takes more muscles to frown than to smile" and then when you research the actual numbers of muscles used for smiling and frowning you get different figures and confusing information (READ: smile muscles vs frown muscles). Why bother? A smile is better than a frown. It's good for you and for the people around you. 

After you watch this video, you'll definitely find yourself smiling. If you're a fan of Fox's "Bones" then you'll find the main actor in this inspirational short movie familiar. T.J. Thyne or the Smithsonian Institute's Dr. Jack Hodgins (as seen on "Bones") plays the human "validator" and he proves that positive, heartfelt, and truthful WORDS ARE POWERFUL enough to make a change and impact on someone's life--a stranger, your co-worker, family and friends, and anyone who deserves to be told that they are great and extraordinary.  

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