Monday, June 6, 2011

Thessa's Sweet 16 Birthday Party Plans Go Awry

Thank you Thessa and Happy Birthday too!
BE CAREFUL of what you wish for. A girl in Hamburg, Germany posted an invite on her Facebook  account for her Sweet 16 birthday party and she forgot to put her post feed settings to private. According to reports, when Thessa's parents learned that about 15,000 people confirmed their attendance for their daughter's birthday party, they immediately asked her to cancel it and put a word out for everyone not to come. But it was too late considering the light years-speed of a post or video or almost anything on the Internet to go viral. Police was asked to come to cordon off the area with metal railings in front of Thessa's family's house and to protect them. 
Thessa and her family were forced to flee later on and what should have been a sweet Sweet 16 turned out to be a crazy major punk of all proportions. The number of well-wishers carrying placards and streamers, teenagers wearing flip-flops, and young adults that looked like a drove of football fans swelled from mere hundreds to more than 1,500 according to police estimates. The rowdy crowd, a vast majority of whom were not even personally connected to the birthday girl, all came to Thessa's house in the Hamburg-Bramfeld area expecting nothing but other curious people and some onlookers daring enough to respond to a birthday celebration invite from a girl they only knew as Thessa.
My theory is: someone must have egged people to come or to pass on the word about the birthday soiree and then it carried the same tune and tone when they told their friends that told their friends.  
Beat that MTV Sweet 16 brats!

THE QUESTION now is: Who is Thessa?  And, where is she? Happy Birthday!

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